Snorkeling Tours 4 Islands by Speedboat (Minimum 6 Pax)

1350 THB

*** Private trip is only 12,000 THB for 10 passengers.

Odd Day Trip

Even Day Trip

Koh Ngam Noi, a small stone spread along. This is another island that you will enjoy with Morey Stingray, Cromileptes altivelis, sea fish, chimp; you may have chance to meet the big whale “the kindly giant of the Sea” At the south of the island is scuba diving site “The big boat” was perpendicularly and stays there.

Koh Mattra, where is a kind of crab (the make noise like a chick, they can climb the tree). Here you will see varieties of coral reef which is good snorkeling site. It’s nowadays known as a park of Giant Clam.

Koh Ngam Yai, appreciated with right “hand of Buddha” ,the highlight of this island, also a place that a lot of swallow bird, superb of Sea Anemones under the sea. Anemone Fish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, Marine angelfish, sea slug and variety kinds of life under the sea.

Koh Lakrad, a big island looks like rhinoceros. Nearby, there are 3 lime stones stand erect. Many kinds of fish, a kind of coral look like mortar. Lakrad Island is another place that make scuba diving and snorkeling are fantastic because of the surrounding and the environment under the sea.

Talu Island is a small limestone island. In the island has many hollow cave, where you can swim through it. After swim through the cave, there also have many fish in the opposite side, such as Silver moony, Semilarvatus and Rabbitfish.

Koh La-wa, plenty of Anemone fish and kind of sea anemone that quite hard to see in the Gulf of Siam.

Koh Ga-Loke, Looks similar to cranium. There are many types of coral such as Xestospongia testudinaria, Brain coral, Staghorn coral and sea anemones. Due to Ga-Loke Island is in the deep water zone of Chumphon Marine Natural Park, there are varieties types of fish. Such as Yellowtail Fusilier, Garoupa (Star Garoupa) or Rainbow fish, shoal of Barracudas and "shoal of and Sailfish" around the island.

Koh Lung-Ga-Jiw, with the natural of the sea that marine resources is still superb, many swallow bird, well known both snorkeling and scuba diving lovers. In the part the King RAMA V had ever been to this island for 3 times and inscribed his name here.

Tour Programs


Customers arrive at Pier and Register to travel.


Head to snorkeling at two islands.


Have lunch


Head to snorkeling at two islands.


Leave snorkeling site back to the pier.

*** Remark : Itinerary may be changed depends on the weather. The tour operation may design to change the program as consideration to be suitable.

*** Price includes : Tour program / Snorkeling equipment / Life jacket / Snack, Soft drink and Fruit / Lunch meal / Tour staffs and Travel accident insurance.

*** If you need round-trip transfer from your hotel or you have children (Age and Height), please fill on "Additional Requests" textarea. We will calculate the exact cost for you.

*** National park fee for Thai people 40 THB/pax and Foreigner 200 THB/pax. Pay on travel date.

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